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so REALLY good aim convo with a 47 yr old lady from london

good story, i tried to IM my friend, but had slightly the wrong screen name and i accidentally got this nice lady. i decided to fuck with her a little.

HellonheelsX: hi u
benerangutan: hi
HellonheelsX: hows u
benerangutan: i'm good
benerangutan: as;
benerangutan: asl
HellonheelsX: k
HellonheelsX: 47 london
HellonheelsX: u know im fem
benerangutan: true
HellonheelsX: lol
benerangutan: do you have pictures?
HellonheelsX: on pro
benerangutan: i dotn have aol
HellonheelsX: u want mugshots
HellonheelsX: k
benerangutan: sure
HellonheelsX wants to directly connect.
HellonheelsX: confirm
HellonheelsX is now directly connected.
HellonheelsX: its me
benerangutan: you're pretty cute
HellonheelsX: ty kind sir
benerangutan: its me
HellonheelsX: my d says u guys would love me
HellonheelsX: kinky like it
benerangutan: your d?
HellonheelsX: daughter
benerangutan: oooh
benerangutan: cool
HellonheelsX: she would love u
benerangutan: how old is your daughter
HellonheelsX: bitch in trainin
HellonheelsX: 21
benerangutan: haha, thats awesome
benerangutan: how old do you think i am?
HellonheelsX: she will learn
HellonheelsX: ur a wise arsed punk
HellonheelsX: lmao
benerangutan: i am quite the wise arsed punk, aren't i...
HellonheelsX: really dont know
benerangutan: do you have n00dz?
HellonheelsX: the pic could b ur boy
benerangutan: my son?
HellonheelsX: dont get it
HellonheelsX: ?
benerangutan: n00dz
benerangutan: naked pics of your hot body
HellonheelsX: dont fuck with me
benerangutan: i'm not fucking!
benerangutan: yet
HellonheelsX: lol
benerangutan: but if we got together maybe
benerangutan: so do you?
HellonheelsX: been in rooms 5 weeks aint that crazy
HellonheelsX: k
HellonheelsX: allow it
benerangutan: okay!
HellonheelsX: lmao
benerangutan: send them! i cant wait!
HellonheelsX: thought i did
HellonheelsX: lol
benerangutan: try again
HellonheelsX: k
HellonheelsX: u want the outakeas
HellonheelsX: ?
benerangutan: yes
benerangutan: please
benerangutan: oooh, i like i like
HellonheelsX: lmao
benerangutan: whats so funny?
benerangutan: i like it
benerangutan: send more?
benerangutan: please?!!?
HellonheelsX: no thats it
benerangutan: aww mann
HellonheelsX: i aint a man
benerangutan: oh i can see that from your pictures
benerangutan: you're ALL woman
HellonheelsX: lmao
HellonheelsX: u know it
benerangutan: so are you into domination?
benerangutan: it kind of looks like it from the pictures
HellonheelsX: in a small way
benerangutan: what are you into?
HellonheelsX: i like 2 party
benerangutan: how so
HellonheelsX: im a silversmith fetish scene likes my work
HellonheelsX: allow it
benerangutan: what work do you do
HellonheelsX: u askin
benerangutan: yeah
benerangutan: ?
benerangutan: show me more
HellonheelsX: it good 4 u
benerangutan: ooooohh LORD i LIKE IT
benerangutan: you know, i kind of have to admit
HellonheelsX: u perve
benerangutan: you're turning me on
benerangutan: i cant help the way i feel about you
HellonheelsX: lol
benerangutan: i should come to london
benerangutan: no?
HellonheelsX: oh no
benerangutan: why not?
HellonheelsX: u need 2 ask
benerangutan: oh
benerangutan: well, if you'll allow me to come to london
benerangutan: i think it would be fantastic
HellonheelsX: u think
benerangutan: i do
HellonheelsX: ur a perve like me
HellonheelsX: lol
benerangutan: we're meant to be!
HellonheelsX: k lol
benerangutan: do you think i'm cute?
HellonheelsX: u know it
benerangutan: good
benerangutan: do you have any more pictures
HellonheelsX: no go bk 2 room

soooooooooo it goes on a little bit, but i got bored. basically best aim conversation of my life though.

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