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in a fucking car wreck

so im in jersey right now, at this girl jennas house.

i met up with ryan and matt on saturday night, they surprised me by coming to misshapes.

i was extremeelelyyy fucked up, but it was really really fun regardless. we left misshapes at like 4 oclock or something in the morning.

on the way back in new jersey we got in the fucking biggest car accident, the jeep flipped multiple times with me taking care of a really really drunk kaleena IN THE HATCH/trunk.

i got knocked unconcious because my head hit the window and i woke up a couple minutes later on laying on in the middle of the road near the flipped jeep. noone died or anything.

i spent the rest of the morning in the hospital and most of yesterday sleeping at some girls apartment.

i'm now in frenchtown jersey, and the police are looking for matt, ryan and I.

its like serious buisness and it sucks.

anyway... leave me some love, we need it.

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